Posted : 8/12 THU 05:29

amount = 55.00
transaction date = 04 August 99
input form = yes
SITE NAME = coedsex

opinions = I feel totally violated. When I looked at this months bank statement and saw the charge I first thought it was from some tickets we purchased. But just to be sure I called the 1-800-798-1277 number and asked what the charge was for and I was told it was for an adult entertainment site. The woman I spoke to wanted to know how much I was billed before she could even tell me what the web address was. She then asked what my name was but I became really weary of giving anymore info. I stumbled upon your site tonight while doing a web search for the above listed website. My husband is away right now but I will give him your web address so he can take a look. Thank you for posting this info on the web.

measure = Since I just found out about 2 hours ago and it is only 3:00 a.m. here I have done nothing. But however this will be reported to my bank in the morning (this is my checking account) and this account number will be cancelled immediately.

Posted : Wed, 11 Aug 1999 19:45

hi just letting yu know i am a victim out of pocket $350 in 3 months being billed for the month of july started at $65 now the last one was $69.91 i have just discovered who they are and start my investigation tomorrow with the bank, although i don’t think there much help as for the past month all they say is nothingthey cando ny futher help yu can be to me would be appreciated and if i hear 20 anything from them i will let yu know thankyu for your S.I.T PAGE it was very interesting and i have past it on to others and have also learnt a few lesson.

Posted : Mon, 9 Aug 1999 19:16

Dear sirs,

We are from the security department, from a credit card company in Brazil, we also have experienced fraud problems in the merchants mentioned in your site (bellow).

Please contact us through the e-mails, or by the telephone 55 11 3039-4413.

We thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

Marco Amaral

Posted : 8/10 TUE 11:56

amount = $45.00
transaction date = 07/09/99
input form = yes

opinions = I want them to stop charging. I just gave them my credit card number to get a preview. I have not used it since. They said there would be no obligation.

measure = I might have to cancel my credit card. I want them to refund all monies to my credit card.

Posted : 8/09 MON 02:24

amount = $60.00
transaction date = 6/7/99 and 7/7/99
input form = yes
SITE NAME = highsociety

opinions = I put my number in to get a “free” tour and I was under the impression that I wasn’t going to be billed. Because there were big bold letters in parentheses, (YOUR’E CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE BILLED). What a croc of *#$!…

measure = I just found out about it when I was balancing my checkbook and I noticed I was $120.00 short. It is sunday, Aug. 8th, but in the morning I will call my bank and have them put a stop payment on my checking account(debit card) to that billing. Then I will proceed to call this split back,l* 1-800-752-5740 and demand a refund(yeah right). Thank you for putting this sight up, it has helped me out in this situation. I will continue to support you.

Posted : 8/09 MON 16:07

merchant = Bird N Bee, I*
amount = $60.00
transaction date = 07/27/99
input form = no

opinions = I do not know where this charge came from. I only put my card number into areas that are supposed to be a secure site. If you can tell me what is going on I’d appreciate it.

measure = So far, I tried to call on 8/9/99 to Bird N Bee, I* only to be put on hold. On hold for 15 minutes. No one answered. Will call back tomorrow.Called Credit Card Company on 8/9/99. They said to talk to above named company before they could file a dispute. If can not reach by AM tomorrow, will call credit card company back to start dispute.

Posted : Fri, 6 Aug 1999 20:21

…….your informations about the site and other!

I have a problem with my credit-card-bill since 3 months! (that’s very expensive here in austria) So,about on an Internet-Seach machine (the site is ), i have entered the number “800798…” on the seachbar, and i have seen your Site!

These informations are very helpfull for me (and i hope, other internet-users)!

Then, i write an e-mail to my credit-card-company, who i’m describes my problem. (IS THAT CORRECT?; I HOPE IT!)

Now,that’s all and i hope, these unfair bills have an end!

Very greetings ,

Posted : Fri, 06 Aug 1999 01:06

I am from Argentina.
And I was very lucky in found your page!!! (And Thank You!!!)
My uncle had the problem with /adult talk/web club/adult mag/internet club/web magazine/, and because he is not a deep Internet user, I tried to help him.
He has a Visa Credit Card from CitiBank.
I can send you his email to contact him.
He sent an email to adulttalk but an autoresponser reply.

I will try with the FTC.
Here in Argentina the Consumers are very unprotected, here there is a quote (I will try to translate it) “Made the Law, Made the Trap”.
My uncle called to Visa (In Argentina) and they told him they can’t do anything
(because was an international debit). Imagine that!!!!!

Well, Thank You for your time.

Posted : Thu, 5 Aug 1999 23:52

I just want to let you know that I have also been a victim of Web Magazine. I have been charged $44.95 per month for last five months without my knowledge.

Posted : Thu, 05 Aug 1999 15:31

I sent a request to the obsession group on august 1st. I receaved an answer from Obsession the day after asking a full 16 digit of my credit card number to cancel. The same day, I have contacted my credit card company (Master card of Bank of Montreal). I receaved a phone call from them today. They authorised me to contact Obsession and give my full credit card number for cancellation. Master card will reembourse the two months of fees (120 $US) and wont accept any more fees from I* Ouf !

Your Internet site helped me very much. Without you, I would never be able to find a solution shortly. Good luck for the other victims.

Yours sincerely, Salutations,

Posted : 8/06 FRI 17:48

transaction date = 05.07.99
input form = yes
SITE NAME = I dont remember

opinions = I need your help by cancelling the membership

measure = I need your help for cancelling the membership

Posted : Thu, 05 Aug 1999 12:14

Dear sirs,

As requested, a complain to “Internetclub” who has charged my Credit Card account for a year now, without knowing what “Internetclub” was and what to do. Thank you for publishing your file!


Posted : Mon, 02 Aug 1999 12:26

I have been billed by the following four companies.

3. ONLINEMAG for $59.00
4. SENORA, INC *XSEN.COM for $59.99

The last one on this list is new. I don’t see it on your report. I did see the name USENORA.
It looks like they changed another one.
I also went to the web site: Web Interface to WHOIS and looked up JPRENDES and found that besides being listed as the Domain host for Lexitrans, Inc.
He was also listed for a company called Visual Radio, INC.
The only thing different is that he spelled his name as Jorge Prentes instead of Jorge Prendes as listed for Lexitrans, INC. Is this helpful or do you already have this information?

Posted : 8/02 MON 22:40

amount = $60.00
transaction date = 07/04/99
merchant2 = ONLINEMAG
amount = $59.00
transaction date = 07/04/99
input form = yes
SITE NAME = highsociety

opinions = Very angry, and I want them to get caught!

measure = Written a letter to my credit card company protesting the billings.

Posted : 8/02 MON 13:32

amount = $59.99
transaction date = July 30,1999
input form = yes
SITE NAME = climaxmag

opinions = I want them hung by there privates

measure = Cancelled my card, notified the bank, also did a charge back

Posted : 8/02 MON 02:00

amount = 2x 49.99 $
transaction date = 6/17/99 and 7/20/99
input form = yes
SITE NAME = highsociety

opinions = I have only one time to service with FREE wave SITE of above mention and never use their service again.

measure = My credit card is VISA 4552 9329 **** ****.The cancellation of my credit card after paid 2 time 100 us$ (approx.).

Posted : 7/31 SAT 11:06

merchant = WEB_CLUB
amount = $45.00
transaction date = Few months ago
merchant2 = WEBMAGAZINE
amount = $45.00
transaction date = Few months ago
amount = $45.00
transaction date = 9 July, 1999
input form = yes
SITE NAME = obsession

opinions = I’m confused by sites “” and “”. Are they the same. Can anyone help me to cancel the subscription? Can I get back the money?

measure = Cancellation of my credit card because I think all will over and my account will close in this way. But, they still send me the bill even after the cancellation of my card. i.e. date of cancellation of my Master Card: 5 July, 1999; transaction date of the “Internet Club”: 9 July, 1999.

Posted : Fri, 30 Jul 1999 13:29

Dear sirs,

I got billed from three companies. The first is Left Fielder*XFLI.Com. This is just another nam for I was also billed from Clearcommand*Adult NE and from ONLINEMAG. Are all of these from the same group? And if so what do I need to do.

Posted : 7/30 FRI 20:20

amount = 92.37 & 94.24AD
transaction date = 18th June 99 & 28th July 99
input form = yes
SITE NAME = highsociety

measure = Interactions Between Bank and Myself also Police have been notified.

Posted : 7/30 FRI 16:23

amount = $44.50
transaction date = 06/19/99
input form = yes
SITE NAME = I don’t know

measure =I have 2 billing per month in may, june, jully. In june, I asked my credit card cie to do something for me. They replied me that they were’nt able to act.

Posted : 7/30 FRI 14:36

merchant = Other one
amount = $59.40
transaction date = July 29,1999
input form = yes
SITE NAME = climaxmag

opinions = I would like to see them prosucuted for fraud if possible. They are really misleading people and making a fortune doing it.

measure = I went and applied for a new card. But did not have all this information before talking to my banking institution. Will take even more steps and get them to stop payments and try to get them to reimburse me if possible.

Posted :Thu, 29 Jul 1999 17:41

Dear sirs,


Posted :Wed, 28 Jul 1999 11:22

I recieved a $60 charge on a credit card that we have that had not been activated yet.
It was to a web site called SPLITBACK,I*SXBI.COM.

After reading your web site and printing a copy of it by the way, I filed a complaint with the FTC and now am trying to contact the credit card company and the toll free number of the web site so that this can be straightened out. Thank you for your work on behalf of all of us that this has happened to. Feel free to contact me at my email any time.

Posted : 7/29 THU 02:00

amount = US$60.00
transaction date = 19 July, 1999
input form = yes
SITE NAME = playgirl

opinions = This is terrible, a criminal act. They should be sued and pay the victims back.

measure = had my credit card invalidated.

Posted :Wed, 28 Jul 1999 04:48

This appeared on my credit card statement, and your’s was the only site I could find when I searched for some trace of this on the net. I sent your form email to Obsession, and recieved a prompt, standard reply indicating that they required more details, but also giving me a phone number.

I called them, and their customer service reps were amusingly polite, appeared to try to help me, but apparently SPLIT BACK,I*SXBI.COM (8007525740) is not part of Obsession or any of their web of companies. This was their response, and when I gave them my credit card number (now cancelled, so no major risk) they were adamant that this was not a card that had ever been billed by any of their companies.

So no joy. My bank is none to helpful, and although they are (going to) investigate the billing, it may take them 3 to 4 months during which time I will continue to be billed. Not good.

Another search on the number 8007525740, prefixing with a 1 (given that it is a toll free no in the USA?) yielded the site

This site has the message:

If you are visiting this site because you received a charge to your credit card posted by “Sisyphus Inc.”, please know that we are not this firm. You may contact Sisyphus Inc.’s Customer Service at 1-800-752-5740, or 1-212-687-1502, if you are outside the United States.

This is proving to be a very frustrating exercise. I’m not sure what to do next. I hope you continue to maintain your site, and I’ll let you know how things pan out. (I’m in Australia.)

Posted : 7/28 WED 13:32

amount = 60.00
transaction date = 070199
input form = no

opinions = I feel that the person or persons should be processed to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you for helping

measure = I protested the billing, asked for a charge back and then cancelled the credit card, I then filed a complaint with the FTC per your advise from the web page.

Posted : 7/27 TUE 15:51

amount = 49,99
transaction date = Every 18th
input form = no

opinions = Its completly insane!! I beeing charged for almost 50$!! I live in Sweden and the only time I have input my card nr on the internet is for an online game! So first I thought it was that one I was charged for. Now Ive realized, its not! the game is MUCH less and not signed “INTERNETCLUB”! I’m FRUSTRATED

measure = I’m going to my bank tomorrow. The money has been drawn directly from my account!

Posted : 7/26 MON 10:53

amount= 49,99usd
transaction date = 28.5.99
amount= 49.99usd
transaction date= 06.04.99
input form = yes
SITE NAME = lusthighway
SITE NAME2 = Dont now the other one

opinions = measure = I hawe asked for a new creditt card.And canseled the old one.

Posted : 7/26 MON 04:30

amount = $59.5
transaction date = 13/07/99
input form= no

Posted :Sun, 25 Jul 1999 15:35

dear webmaster,

thank you for your help in dealing with unauthorized billings of “”

enclosed as an attachment is my e-mail to them, as well as their brief response. as you’ll see they offered to cancel my “membership” if i provide them with the 16 digits of my credit card. that’s a start, however, that’s not enough. i also want to be reimbursed for the five month of billings by their varies stores (bird n bees, graydove, etc.).

i’m waiting for your advice, so i’ll know how to proceed. i have not filed a complaint with the FTC yet. please let me know what to do next (maybe you have another form i could send them?) i want you know that i’m willing to do whatever is necessary so the justice is done, and “” would not victimize anyone else in the future.

keep up your good work.


Posted : 7/24 SAT 23:11

amount= $120.00
transaction date= 6-21-99, 7-19-99
input form= no

opinions = The Obsession group has stolen $120.00 from my checking-card account, $60.00 a month for the months of June and July. It has caused me to overdraft and pay my bank a fee of $27.00. I want to see my money back into my account where it belongs. The Obsession group are pirates and should be prosecuted for their theft.

measure = I have just started to research exactly where my money went as my only clue was the “split back, I sxbi” on my bank statement. I began searching the net for possible connections and found your home page, and now I have a very clear idea as to where my money went. I will call my credit card company and request a charge-back; then I will change my card number. Thank you for all of this site’s information.